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Understanding the Human Eye

A single organ consisting of numerous interconnected components that work in concert to send visual data to the brain’s visual context, the human eye is complex and highly efficient. Each section is essential in order for vision to function optimally. Healthy eyes are one of the most important parts of being able to competently navigate […]

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Sunglasses UV Rating

Why the UV Rating of Your Sunglasses is Important The UV rating of your sunglasses inform you of how well they protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation. As eye care professionals, we want to stress the importance of protecting your eyes whenever possible. Everybody knows how sunglasses reduce glare and make the sun more […]

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Back to School Eye Exams: Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success

In all the excitement that comes with preparing for your child’s return back to school (and planning the ensuing celebrations, no doubt), an important annual health item tends to get missed: your child’s annual eye exam. On the “back to school” list, directly underneath notebooks and new school supplies, write in an eye exam for your young […]

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The Basics of Low Vision & How it Affects You

Put simply, low vision means that your eyesight is impaired to such an extent that normal corrective treatments will not help. Glasses, contact lenses and surgery are usually ineffective and no treatment is guaranteed to improve the condition. Low vision affects lives deeply. While few people experience total ‘blackness’, low vision could equal near-blindness. That’s why […]

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