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According to the CNIB, glaucoma is one of the most common contributing factors for blindness in Canada. This disease is characterized by damage to the optic nerve of the eye such as increased eye pressure and fluid buildup. One potential result of this impairment is incremental vision loss and blindness.

Various issues can lead to fluid buildup and injury to the optic nerve, but it can also happen when one has average eye pressure. In some cases injury to the eye or eye area can result in this condition. Glaucoma is more frequently seen in adults over age 40 and the chance is heightened if you suffer from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, or received a concussion or eye trauma. Most patients don’t know that the disease is present until the optic nerve is damaged irrevocably. This is one reason why seeing your Orillia Optometry eye doctor for ongoing, regular eye health exams is crucial.

You can treat glaucoma only if it’s caught early. To maintain the current level of vision, laser surgery and/or eye drops can be helpful solutions. Once glaucoma causes vision loss there is no adequate form of recourse to restore sight. Contact your vision professional to learn more about this condition and how you can be proactive about its care.

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