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Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

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An inflammatory condition affecting the front façade of the eye in addition to the inner eyelid, conjunctivitis is seen in several forms that manifest as an allergic or chemical reaction, or an infection. One of the most typical types of this condition is pink eye, which is caused by a virus or bacteria. Allergic reactions are often seasonal (e.g. pollen), man-made (e.g. cosmetic) or material (e.g. fabrics). Chemical reactions occur when the eye (or eyes) is bothered by an irritant such as a cleaning product or chlorine.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis include tearing, watery or red eyes, a scratchy or itchy sensation, and/or swelling and inflammation in the inner eyelids. Discharge is also a possibility with certain types of this condition. The first line of attack in treatment is to eliminate exposure to the irritant. Keep hands clean and resist touching the eyelids and the eyes. Wash any materials that come into contact with the affected areas: eyewear, linens, towels, etc. Throw away any eye makeup that has touched the infected eyes, to prevent it from re-infecting you. Refrain from swimming and stay away from any chemical products. Contact a qualified eye doctor for immediate professional help and care.

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