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Orillia’s Premier Eye Care Provider for Over 40 Years

A Better Patient Experience

After over 4 decades of excellent eye care, Orillia Optometry understands how to best cater to your needs, because we’ve been improving our patient experience for decades!

With an expansive selection of men’s, women’s and kid’s eyeglasses, you and your family can select the perfect frames for your style, while our professional Opticians guide you towards the best lenses for your vision. Every member of our team is waiting to greet you and answer your questions with a smile, because we believe visiting your eye care professionals should be a positive experience for all of our patients. We ensure your enjoyable experience begins with a friendly, enthusiastic welcome into our clinic and ends with expert professional vision care. From your eye exam to choosing your frames, we’ll make sure you enjoy your visit to our clinic.

Cutting Edge Technology

We want to provide exceptional eye care services to our customers, therefore we must equip our highly trained eye care team with advanced technology that allows them to fully address your needs. To ensure quality control, we maintain an on-site edging lab and auto lensometers. Utilizing these and other leading industry technologies, our Opticians can accurately access your eye care needs and make recommendations specific to you. Additionally, we can provide you with effective specialized treatments without compromising your comfort.

Visit Knowledgeable Opticians in a
Beautiful Environment

At Orillia Optometry, we’re happy to work with experienced and knowledgeable staff members, dedicated to providing exceptional eye care to every patient. Each member of our team is fully trained to deal with the daily demands of effective eye care and understand the best solution for any given vision-related situation. Moreover, our team goes beyond simply developing broad product knowledge and seeks to deliver compassionate care. That also includes informing you about the best personal vision care practices. We also feel like eye doctors should work in inspired clinic spaces. After all, we want to do more than take care of your vision. We also want you to enjoy the beautiful sights the world has to offer.

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Why Orillia Optometry


A visit to our office always starts with a warm, welcoming smile from our friendly staff. Our opticians listen carefully to your needs and seek to provide eye care that aligns with your best interests. We believe the best customer experience is based on professional compassion.


We carry over 600 high quality frames for men, women, and children. With exclusive brands like Blackfin and Vinylize, we’re ready to help you find a pair of spectacles to match your unique sense of style. And don’t forget to shop our unrivaled selection of sunglass frames; over 200 pairs of Sunglasses are just waiting to be discovered.


After 4 decades of service, Orillia Optometry remains on the cutting edge of eye care. We equip our team with industry leading technology, allowing us to offer the greatest level of efficiency and attention to detail. We are always prepared to offer specialized treatment without compromising your comfort. Every case requires a customized solution, and we have the best tools to find yours.

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