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Hygiene & Lens Care

Here are a few tips for managing to keep your contact lenses and eyes safe and sanitary:

  • Avoid washing your contacts in tap water because it can introduce infection and damage lenses.
  • Don’t use saliva as emergency lens cleaning solution. Similar to tap water, saliva is unsanitary for use on contacts.
  • If you are without solution or a contact lens case and must remove your lenses, it is better to just discard them. Try to carry a travel-sized bottle of solution and extra case with you for emergencies.
  • Never reuse your contact lens solution. After the lenses have soaked in it, the solution is no longer sanitary. Make sure to use new solution nightly.
  • Find the best solution for you. Talk to our optometrist about which contact solution is best for your eyes and type of contacts, and then use only that brand.

After your contact lens fitting, you will be provided with a trial set of contact lenses and we will schedule a follow-up visit. It is essential that you keep this appointment because your optometrist must ensure the lenses continue to fit properly and that your eyes are adapting well to them.

Not all contact lens trials work the first time. There are many different types of lens designs and materials, so it is important for you to return for your follow-up appointment so we can ensure the best fits and vision possible.

If any problem or issue is detected, you will be fit with a new type of lens made from another material.

Vision can change rapidly, and eye health issues can occur in less than a month. Schedule an eye health exam every year to evaluate any changes in vision or detect potential problems. You will also find out if your prescription has changed and can discuss whether your current contact lens brand is still your best option.

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