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Eye Floaters & Flashes

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Have you ever seen a fleck or dot in your vision? This may be what is called a floater: a tiny drifting particle within the eye fluid. As these pieces of material move, they transition in and out of your line of sight and can be noticeable. Due to the expected deterioration of tissues and fluid within and around the eye as a person ages, these become more common as one gets older. Other causes include eye trauma or disturbance to the area of the eye, leading to bits of material being released into the fluid.

Floaters are common and generally relatively harmless, a minor annoyance for those who experience them. However, if you have been dealing with a higher than average amount of floaters or light flashes, it’s important to contact an eye care professional immediately for an exam. This is because a more serious condition – such as a retinal hole or retinal detachment -could be at fault. In addition, regular and ongoing eye health exams will eliminate any cause for concern.

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