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Two Cool Tricks Your Sunglasses Use to Wow You

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The last few weeks of +30 degree weather have been awesome, haven’t they? We’re out and about, enjoying the rays and the water, making the most of the summer. Gardens are popping up, shorts and flip flops are commonplace, and those air conditioners are humming along.

It’s sweet, isn’t it?

With the warm weather now here to stay, we thought we’d talk about some pretty cool tricks sunglasses use to keep your field of view exciting and eye-catching. Oh, and in case you missed it, check out our earlier post about the Importance of UV Rating for Your Sunglasses.

Sunglasses that Enhance the World Around You

Polarized lenses are nothing new. These lenses filter out harmful glare, making it easier on your eyes to see- especially in bright light. What is new is that lenses now incorporate advanced materials to enhance how your see colour.

Maui Jim sunglasses use a patented blend of rare Earth elements to enhance colours across the RGB (red/green/blue) spectrum, delivering a visually stunning look that really makes colours pop. By filtering out parts of the colour spectrum that our eye have difficulty seeing, the rest of the palette becomes more vibrant. The enhancement effect is really breathtaking.

Try taking a pair to the lake, or maybe a stroll to through your garden on a nice sunny day. The increased saturation, combined with the elimination of distracting glare, creates a truly spectacular scene.

Sunglasses that Automatically Adjust Their Tint Based on The Intensity of the Sun

Sunglasses are excellent when outside, but you don’t want to wear them indoors. For many people, this means having to make the investment in two pairs of prescription lenses: one set for your eyeglasses, and another for prescription sunglasses. This can be expensive and inconvenient.

Photochromic lenses act as a convenient and affordable all-in-one. Clear when worn indoors, these lenses automatically adjust to sunglass-levels of tint when outside. Using special materials (called photochromic dyes), the lenses are reactive to UV light. When exposed to UV, these dyes expand and change shape, darkening the lens.

This means that you can have a single pair of prescription glasses that you can wear anytime – day or night – and always be comfortable. The best part is that these lenses can be fitted to any frames, meaning that they’re stylish, too!

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Written by Shawn Moore

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