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How To Keep Your Eyes Comfortable During Winter

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Winter can be harsh on our bodies if we do not provide ourselves with proper care, attention and protection. Protecting our eyes during winter should be as important as wearing winter jackets, mittens and snow boots to shield our bodies from the elements.  Here are some ways we can protect our eyes so they remain healthy and comfortable during the colder months of the year.


Overexposure to UV radiation doesn’t only happen while we’re laying on warm sunny beaches – “snow blindness” is a common occurrence during winter.   Snow blindness occurs when excessive sunlight reflects off the snow and into our eyes, causing pain and even temporary vision loss.  Excessive UV radiation can also put us at greater risk for cataracts and other health complications.

Sunglasses are the most effective way to ensure that you have appropriate UV ray protection.  For those of us who require more rugged protection for activities such as skiing, snow goggles or visors provide adequate UV ray protection while being more secure and keeping out debris.

Adequate Moisture

Almost everywhere you go during winter, the air will be significantly dryer than it was during the warmer seasons.  The cold outdoor air during winter is naturally less humid, while indoor air becomes even more dry as the furnaces heating our homes are constantly recirculating the air.  Since our eyes are mostly made up of water, providing adequate moisture is necessary in ensuring our eyes stay comfortable.

Having an air humidifier and installing a high quality air filter for the indoor areas you frequent will help keep your eyes moisturized.  Applying moisturizing eye drops directly to your eyes can also provide further comfort if you continue to experience dry eyes.

Caring For Your Eyes During Winter… and All Year Round – We Can Help!

We hope that this blog post has provided you with an understanding of why it is important to protect your eyes during the winter, and what you can do to keep them comfortable and healthy.  For any further questions about caring for your eyes during the winter season – or importantly, anytime of the year – please contact us!  Our staff are committed to providing you with personalized care and advice to ensure that your eyes are not suffering from the elements.

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