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How To Keep Your Eyes Comfortable During Winter

Winter can be harsh on our bodies if we do not provide ourselves with proper care, attention and protection. Protecting our eyes during winter should be as important as wearing winter jackets, mittens and snow boots to shield our bodies from the elements.  Here are some ways we can protect our…

Published: 2017-03-09Read Article
The Basics of Low Vision & How it Affects You

Put simply, low vision means that your eyesight is impaired to such an extent that normal corrective treatments will not help. Glasses, contact lenses and surgery are usually ineffective and no treatment is guaranteed to improve the condition. Low vision affects lives deeply. While few people experience total ‘blackness’, low vision…

Published: 2016-12-01Read Article
Getting Your Dry Eye Under Wraps This Winter

Tips to Make Your Life a Little More Comfortable Dry eye symptoms tend to flare up in the fall, winter, and summer months. There are a lot of reasons for this, though the considerable supply of reasons does little to assuage the symptoms that dry eye sufferers experience. As you…

Published: 2016-11-03Read Article
Back to School Eye Exams: Setting Your Child Up For Academic Success

In all the excitement that comes with preparing for your child’s return back to school (and planning the ensuing celebrations, no doubt), an important annual health item tends to get missed: your child’s annual eye exam. On the “back to school” list, directly underneath notebooks and new school supplies, write…

Published: 2016-08-15Read Article
Let’s Have a Look at Photochromic Lenses

This cool lens technology debuted nearly 60 years ago, albeit as much clunkier versions of what is now a well-established technology. Photochromic lenses, commonly called transition lenses, transition from clear to dark and back again. This process, the result of technology using photochromic dyes, allows its wearer to enjoy comfortable…

Published: 2016-07-15Read Article