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Safety Eyewear

Keeping Your Eyes and Vision Safe With Safety Eyewear

Protect Your Eyes With Quality Safety Eyewear

Your eyesight is precious. No matter what activities you engage in, you should do what is necessary to protect your eyes at all costs. Wearing safety eyewear when engaged in activities in the home, while at work, or while playing sports can help to ensure your vision remains safe and at its best. Orillia Optometry offers quality prescription and nonprescription safety eyewear, glasses, contact lenses and vision aids for patients in the Orillia area.

Being Proactive Can Save Your Sight

Our Optometrist recommends for you to have your eyes examined every one to two years. You should also invest into your vision and eye health by wearing proper eyewear. No matter what industry you work in or activities you participate in, protecting your eyes with safety eyewear is one of the safest and most proactive ways you can prevent eye injuries that could affect your vision and lifestyle.

  • When you are going to be exposed to dust, particles, dirt and other flying objects, you should wear strong impact safety eyeglasses that have side shields.
  • If you are working or staring at a computer for an extended period of time, wear special glasses that have computer screen glare protection built into them.
  • Wear sunglasses or eyeglasses that have UV protection built into the lenses to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultra violet rays. Not keeping your eyes properly protected during sun exposure can lead to cataracts, damage to the retina and vision loss.

There are many kinds of safety and protective eyewear you can use to protect your eyes. Safety glasses and eyewear are much stronger than regular eye glasses and can be equipped with several types of lenses, including polycarbonate, glass and plastic to make them more attractive and appealing. Make an appointment at Orillia Optometry to learn more about our stylish selection of prescription and nonprescription safety eyewear.

Be Proactive

Many injuries happen when they are least expected. When it comes to your eyes, it doesn’t take much impact or exposure to certain hazards to cause injury to them. Many eye injuries require immediate treatment to minimize any damage.

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