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Contact Lens Fitting & Exam

Need a Contact Lens Exam and Fitting? Get the Best Advice on Contact Lens Technology

Are You Interested in Contact Lenses?

A lot of people who wear glasses are interested in exploring contact lenses because of their ease of use, appearance, and comfort. Most prescriptions can be adjusted for contact lenses, and most people can wear them comfortably.

Lenses are available in a broad assortment of styles and materials, including moisturizing lenses, special lenses for astigmatism, and colored lenses.

The Contact Lens Eye Exam

The first step is to request a comprehensive eye exam appointment. During this exam, your eye doctor will check your vision and write a prescription for corrective or contact lenses. We will also look for any eye health issues or other problems that may cause difficulties when wearing contact lenses.

The eye doctor checks the front surface of the eye to ensure it is healthy enough to wear a contact lens.  After we verify your prescription, we will perform a contact lens fitting, which takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete

The Contact Lens Fitting

The initial fitting begins with understanding the patient’s preferences and lifestyle regarding wearing contact lenses. Because there are so many options in contact lenses, such as daily wear, two week, monthly wear and coloured disposable choices, we are here to help you make the best choice.

Your Orillia Optometry eye doctor will recommend the best choice for your prescription, lifestyle, and vision. We also fit contact lenses for harder to fit prescriptions with astigmatism using Toric contact lenses, bifocal and progressives with monovision or multifocal contact lenses, steep curves, and high powers. Once all the options have been selected, we move forward to trialing and fitting.

Fitting and Measuring

Because eyes are various shapes and sizes, so are contact lenses. One size or type does not fit or function for everyone. Contact lens comfort is affected significantly by the movement and fit as it sits on your eye.

Our Optometrist measures of the front surface of your eye to determine the design and size that will best work for you. We fit contact lenses for everyone, from children to seniors.


Most contact lens patients are fitted with a set of trial lenses. With the trail lenses in place, we can evaluate the movement and position of the lenses as you look in various directions or blink. You may be asked to wear the trial lenses for a week and return before purchasing a supply of contact lenses to ensure you are adapting well to the fit, type of lens, and material.

If you are a first-time contact lens wearer, you will be fully trained on how to insert, remove, and care for contacts. Most patients motivated to wear contact lenses learn very quickly and become skilled in a short time.

Competitive Prices, Even Compared to Online!

Our prices are competitive, even against big-box stores and online providers. We carry all lens types, including daily wear, two week, and monthly wear. We also provide rebates and promotions for annual supplies.

Important Information About Contacts

Definitely! It’s as simple as scheduling an annual comprehensive eye exam with our Optometrist at Orillia Optometry. Please inform the receptionist that you are exploring contact lenses so we can allow the additional time for the eye health evaluation and contact lens and exam required to recommend the ideal contact lenses for your vision and eyes.

In most cases, we can give you a trail set and sometimes a full retail supply.

Technologic advancements in contact lens material and design have made it possible for nearly anyone to wear contacts. We will fit and distribute contact lenses in every prescription type, such as low and high power combinations, multifocal lenses, and part-time wear.

If you are hesitant, ask us for more details. We are your partners in exceptional optical health.

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Maintaining Healthy Eyes While Wearing Contacts

After your contact lens fitting, you will be provided with a trial set of contact lenses and we will schedule a follow-up visit. It is essential that you keep this appointment because your Optometrist must ensure the lenses continue to fit properly and that your eyes are adapting well to them. Not all contact lens trials work the first time. There are many different types of lens designs and materials, so it is important for you to return for your follow-up appointment so we can ensure the best fits and vision possible.

If any problem or issue is detected, you will be fit with a new type of lens made from another material. If you have dry eyes, your eye doctor will treat it with topical eye drops specifically designed for contact users.

Your Optometrist at Orillia Optometry will equip you with instructions during a contact lens fitting. However, here are a few tips for managing to keep your contact lenses and eyes safe and sanitary.

  • Avoid washing your contacts in tap water because it can introduce infection and damage lenses.
  • Don’t use saliva as emergency lens cleaning solution. Similar to tap water, saliva is unsanitary for use on contacts. If you are without solution or a contact lens case and must remove your lenses, it is better just to discard them. Try to carry a travel-sized bottle of solution and extra case with you for emergencies.
  • Never reuse your contact lens solution. After the lenses have soaked in it, the solution is no longer sanitary. Make sure to use new solution nightly.
  • Find the best solution for you. Talk to our Optometrist about which contact solution is best for your eyes and type of contacts, and then use only that brand.

Vision can change rapidly, and eye health issues can occur in less than a month. Schedule an annual eye health exam to evaluate any changes in vision or detect potential problems. You will also find out if your prescription has changed and can discuss whether your current contact lens brand is still your best option.

We suggest annual contact lens exams to allow us to continue to evaluate your eye health and comfort. When you buy a year’s supply of contact lenses, you can save with our bulk offers. Ask your eye care professional at Orillia Optometry.

If you are interested in contact lenses, please inform the receptions when you schedule your appointment.

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